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We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service to the community and providing an enjoyable Minecraft server. We focus ourselves on being a friendly and helpfil community willing to aid players of any experience Minecraft in a multitude of ways. Whether you prefer raiding a base for loot, building in a grief-free environment, braving the wild forests, competing with friends at minigames, playing on Skyblock, or just generally having fun, there is something for everyone - no matter what your preference is. With tons of fun and unique plugins, an active staff team, and limitless adventure, experience for yourself what we have to offer! VeridianCraft is available for you at any time.

Summer Discount Code

Brian aOWNERWulu posted May 4, 15

Summer vacation is arriving shortly for most of the community, and to celebrate this time of the year we're giving out a 35% discount on all shop items in the VeridianCraft store. The promotion will last for the next two months - and as always, your donations will go towards the improvement of VeridianCraft and the payment of our server hosting/website bills.

Use the coupon code: summer for 35% off of any rank.
Thanks, and have an great summer vacation!
KyraTheGallant They are generic after all...
DinoKid23 Executive shouldn't summer vacation be 50% off
Carrot ADMINZakkCarrot All these coupon codes feel so unoriginal. >_>

1.8 - A New Dawn for Veridian

Rainy321 aOWNER posted Feb 16, 15

The server has now been successfully updated to 1.8.1 - the world has been reset and there have been a few changes in the Minecraft world! For starters - all of the new blocks are now generated and we have a new server spawn. The server has been tidied up greatly since 1.7 and we hope that we can begin to expand even more over the next year with your support!

Congratulations to AugustusV2 and AbuzNeedsHelp - our weekly and monthly top voters respectively! Both will recieve the top voter rank on the server!

Minigames expansion - new arenas!

I am happy to announce our new MobArena which is featured above! This arena is the revamped edition of the Arena 1 which was carried over from the old server. We are also in the process of updating Arena 2, and we have added an outdoor arena which you will can also play on using /ma join 3! Along with this we will be updating player rewards for each wave you conquer so that you will be rewarded greatly for your valiant efforts!


Along with the new arenas we are also happy to announce that SurvivalGames will be added to the server soon! We will be adding 3 maps and therefore arenas which will suffice to all, and in the future we wish that this number could be larger! We hope that this will bring old and new players to the server and join the community together.

In general the server has also been tidied up and small features have been added - including a modified tab menu and a special message on login! Our new coupon code is "SPRING" use this to get 10% off at the shop! Happy gaming!


Meister Moderator Survival Games will be awesome, and I love the new mob arena! Great job Rainy!!!
lekid2 Sponsor Oh - and I'll start playing here again if there are more than 10 players daily
lekid2 Sponsor What happened to games.veridiancraft.us?
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